Air travel destinations - IATA Traffic Conference Map

IATA divides the world into three areas known as Traffic Conference areas. These areas are known as Area 1, Area 2 and Area 3. They are regularly referred to in connection with the application and calculation of international fares. This means that when IATA is required to call a meeting for one particular area, only those airlines that operate to and from or within that particular area need attend.

Area 1
Includes all of the Northern and Southern American continents and the adjacent islands, Central America, Bermuda, the Hawaiian Islands, the West Indies and the islands of the Caribbean Sea.

Area 2
All of Europe (including that part of the former USSR in Europe), Iceland, the Azores, all of Africa and adjacent islands, that part of Asia west of and including Iran.

Area 3
All of Asia east of Iran and adjacent islands, the East Indies, Australia and New Zealand, the islands of the Pacific Ocean except those included in Area 1.

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